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Henry is 4!

Gosh, four?  FOUR?  How can that be?

Oh my little Henry,
Our lives were forever changed the day you were born. 

I can’t believe a year ago yesterday you were still two.  Wow.  That makes me realize how little you were then and how little you are now.

You’ve brought us so much joy over these last four years.

You have a love for all things pipes, rockets, trucks and ropes.  You love to wear your “experiment shirt,” your rocket shirt, your space shirt and your Superman shirt, of course.  You prefer khakis and/or any pants that are soft.  You despise jeans at the moment.

You love chocolate, ice cream, cupcakes and well, anything with sugar.  Except rice pudding and to be honest, I don’t blame you.  You’ll name every letter of the alphabet if it means you’ll get a piece of a brownie.  You do, however, have a love for “little dinner meat” AKA ground turkey meat that we use in our tacos. 

You still cry when I drop you off at “ffffchool” – guess what?  I cry, too. 

I miss you when you’re gone.  I really, really do.

You talk.  You talk a lot.  You are finally talking to your teachers, your friends, and other members of your family.  You are so BRAVE, my little Henry, and we’re incredibly proud of you. 

You’re still taking naps and I’ve been lying down with you for four years now and I’m okay with that.  I know it won’t be long now until the naps are gone.  I’ll miss the sweet, silent cuddles that I soak up every time I lie down with you.  You’re such a great cuddler…always have been. 


Speaking of napping, you still make a sucking motion with your lips when you sleep and I love, love, love seeing it.  It always reminds me that you’re still little.

You rock at mazes.  You love boat rides and Nubs the Cat, you love water parks, but you steer clear of the “big bucket that dings.”  You love Bob Evans, entirely for the pancakes.  You like to wake up slowly and uninterrupted.  You eat peanut butter and jelly every morning.  You can write “MOM” and you can write half your name – In time…take your time, buddy…

You don’t care for attention.  However, when you’re at home you have some of the best dance moves the world has ever seen!  Seriously, you can dance.  😉

You’re an amazing big brother and you love your sister so much.  You’re protective of her.  You love to give her kisses and tuck her in at nap time.  If she ever hurts herself, you immediately go to the freezer to get out frozen vegetables or an ice pack.  Speaking of which, you also love to apply bandages. 


You’re a helper.  You’re a fixer.  You’re a doer.

You are kind, soft spoken and sweet.

Your Daddy and I love you so much.  We love spending time with you.  You’re funny and incredibly smart.  You have so much to offer to this world – even at the ripe old age of four.

Oh, Henry – We love you with all our hearts, to the moon and back, and always and forever.

Happy Birthday, Buddy.


Mama and Dad

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  1. AAAAH, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HENRY!!!! Jacob's favorite shirt is his Superman shirt, too :o) I swear, he would wear it seven days a week if we would let him! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!! Enjoy! <3

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