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32 facts for my 32nd Birthday

Hi All!  It’s April 1st and that means it’s my Birthday!  I’m 32 years young!  😉 
I thought I’d share a little “getting to know me” blog post by sharing 32 facts about myself.  I thought, pssshhh…32 facts??!!  No problem.  Umm…it’s easier said than done.  I sat staring at my computer trying to come up with some interesting stuff, I eventually came to the realization that I’m just boring.  I asked Jon to help me out and he responded with, “You really like carbohydrates!”  LOL!
True.  Very true.

Well, here I go.  I tried my best…

I was born on Good Friday and April Fool’s Day.  Oh and I weighed 11 pounds 6 ounces.

That’s not a typo.

I love camping!
I don’t like scary movies or watching the news.
My car and my closet are always messy.  Always.
I have two older brothers, a sister and a Niece-ter <—It’s a sister/niece put together.
My husband, then boyfriend, and I started dating in 1999.  We dated for 7 years before finally tying the knot!
We went to the same high school and both served as our high school mascot, Freddie the Falcon! 
I didn’t play a single sport in high school, mostly because I was too embarrassed to have to wear spandex and I never told anyone. 
We danced A LOT at our wedding!  I love to dance!
Speaking of dancing, my sister and I joined a dance class after my wedding.  It was amazing.  Our dancing on the other hand?  Well, let’s just say we danced to the beat of our own drum!  LOL!

My sister and I have auditioned for American Idol 3 times – mostly as an excuse for a vacay!  Please note the shopping bags!

My hubby and I share a cell phone.
All my coffee mug handles have to be facing the same way.
A dessert to me includes chocolate.  Any other type of “dessert” is just food.  😉
I love getting dressed up for Halloween.  I almost won a costume contest with this one!  Almost…
I don’t do well with awkward silences in social settings.  I’ll start talking nonsense just to fill the dead air.  I’m sure people find this annoying.
I was in a bunch of musicals/plays back in my teens.

My favorite place to visit is any little town on Lake Michigan!  I love, love, love, love it!

My most exotic vacation was to Lanai’i, Hawai’i, with the Hubs, of course!

I’m a University of Michigan fan!  Jon went to school at UofM!  

Go Blue!

Gladiator and 50 First Dates are two of my favorite movies.
I’m not sure what scares me more; spiders or tomato sauce!
I love my sister.  I look up to her even though I’m three years older.  She’s my best friend.

My dream job would be to be on Saturday Night Live.
My favorite colors are white and blue.
I wanted to be a teacher when I was little.

My favorite number is 16.

I can slalom ski.

I love reality tv.  
I didn’t get my ears pierced until I was 18. 
I jogged through both my pregnancies. 
I loved having my babies.  Every.Single.Part.  Pure joy.  My children are my favorite people in the entire world.  I can’t put into words how much I love them.  They are my everything.  
Mommy and Henry
Mommy and Eliza
Yelp, that’s 32 years of Marie, for ya’!  Do you have any interesting facts about yourself that you’d like to share?
Thanks for stopping by!
Marie 🙂

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  1. First, Happy Birthday!! This is too funny because I have a draft right now with random facts about myself, it's so fun! I cannot believe you were over 11lbs, your poor Mom, LOL 🙂 That Halloween costume is awesome, how did you not win!?

  2. OK I'm impressed. My faves included but are not limited to: 1- Freddie the Falcon, 2- no tomato sauce, do you eat pizza? pasta? I'm so stressed about this and 3- jogging through both pregnancies amazes me! Way to go! So does the 11 pounder though, your mama, is she okay? 🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

  3. I love this post and happy bday! We don't watch scary movies either, and I only watch the news for contests. Spiders scare me like crazy, and I love the weekend update on SNL. That's actually where I catch the news.

  4. Happy belated birthday!! I am WAY behind on my blog reading. I can salmon ski too and I love it! You aren't boring at all! I loved learning more about you! Great post! I hope you had a great birthday!!

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