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I Pinned It, I Tried It – Sunburst Mirror and Faux Plant

About a month ago I had some girls over for a Pinterest crafting night.  I’ve been wanting to blog about my project, but due to my indecisiveness, the cedar shim sunburst mirror that I had made just sat there and stared at me.  
I finally, finally decided to hang it up in the entryway area of our home.
Family and the Lake House - Cedar Shim Sunburst Mirror 
I was inspired to do this project from Thrifty Decor Chick’s fantastic cedar shim sunburst mirror tutorial.  She did a great job with her mirror – it’s perfection.
The project itself was easy and inexpensive.  The supplies needed are minimal – glue, glue gun, mirror, cedar shims and a scrap piece of wood.  
Assembling the cedar shims was simple, especially since I had decided that my mirror wasn’t going to be symmetrical.  —->  #laziness
Family and the Lake House
After I hung up the mirror, I knew I wanted a plant.  …But not a real plant because Nubs the Cat would’ve eaten it, I’m sure of it
Family and the Lake House - Cedar Shim Sunburst Mirror
As luck would have it, one of my favorite bloggers over at The Lily Pad Cottage posted about how to make a fake plant look real.  I loved it so much that I commented on her blog overly expressing my gratitude and then I was off to pick up a couple supplies (a faux plant and a glass vase) at Hobby Lobby.  
To finish this project, my two little design assistants filled up some buckets with dirt and rocks from our yard.  🙂

Easy Peasy.

Family and the Lake House - Faux Plant
You bloggers out there.  You’re full of great ideas!  😉

You can find their projects pinned here and here.  

Family and the Lake House - Cedar Shim Sunburst Mirror

Overall, I thought both projects were fun and easy!  Now go out and collect some dirt and rocks!
Thanks for stopping by!
Marie 🙂 
I’m linking up with Jen over at andhattiemakesthree for her first I Pinned It, I Tried It link up!  
Party On!

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  1. Looks great! I may need to steal the fake plant idea too. Not because I have a cat, but because I kill all plants inside my house 🙂

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