Prime Purchases

Somehow it’s May, which I’m thankful for because that means It’s – Prime Purchases Day!
Looking back at some of these purchases made me feel like April was both extremely long, yet over before I knew it.
I’m linking up with Tanya for Prime Purchases.
Okay, so to start, let’s begin with Amazon gift cards.  I know this one is kind of womp womp, but with it being Teacher Appreciation Week and the last weeks of school, these are in our Amazon order history and I’ll be adding more in the coming weeks.  Both Henry and Eliza have male teachers this year and I honestly don’t know what they’d like as a gift sooooo… Amazon gift cards for the win!

Amazon gift card

If you’ve been following along you know that we’ve been busy landscaping.  I mentioned getting some solar path lights to Jon the other day and I swear as soon as I finished my sentence Jon had these ordered.  They’re due to arrive tomorrow and I can’t wait to see them in person.  I think they’re really pretty and I already know that if they’re this pretty in person I’ll order another box for a bit more lighting.
solar lights landscaping
I’ve already shared this rug, but I wanted to share it again.  I plan to give Henry’s room some fresh paint and we have a bed arriving soon.  I love the material of this rug and it’s a great price. 

nautical rug
Henry’s 11th Birthday is on Saturday.  After reading and watching all-things-Harry-Potter for our trip we took to Universal Studios, we knew we needed to introduce the kids to Star Wars so that they’d understand the attractions at Hollywood Studios.
Both Henry and Eliza loved the Star Wars movies!  So much so that Henry asked for a Star Wars themed birthday party.
This amazing LEGO set will be arriving this week and we just know he’ll love it!

LEGO Star Wars – Millennium Falcon

Jane has her three year old pictures this morning!  I would have loved a seersucker or embroidered jumper or dress, but I just couldn’t find what I was looking for.  
I found this dress on Amazon and to be honest, I thought I’d send it back, well, that was until Jane tried it on and she lit up.  It’s a perfect tutu dress while still maintaining simplicity.  She loves it!

Jane’s Pink Tutu Dress

This is another Jon purchase.
Jon and I will be hosting a big 4th of July party this summer.  It’ll be the most people we’ve ever had over and to be honest, I’m nervous, but also excited.  What better way to celebrate America and lots of people than with TIKI torches all around?!  
Henry will be celebrating his birthday with just a small group of friends this year, so when I found these nicely rated and decently priced light sabers I decided to click purchase and do without goodie bags for the boys.
They’re all getting older, so I figured why not add to their imagination for just a little longer…and the price equals out to $8.00 a boy (for 5 boys).  I could’ve easily spent that much of gift bags, candy and plastic toys in goodie bags!

I know I’ve shared this a couple of times, too, but you guys – this umbrella is so cute – there are lots of other styles and the prices are amazing!  Seriously spectacular.  I don’t understand why they’re marked down so low with such great reviews, but I’ll take it!

summer umbrella
Lastly, Jon orders copious amounts of sardines every month.  So…… if you’re into that sort of thing, here’s a link.  LOL!  It’s always the most depressing Amazon box to open…well, that and soap.  I kid, I kid….kind of. 😉
Okay, so that was fun!  I didn’t really order much for myself and looking back I didn’t order any clothing for myself.  Boo!  I’m sure that’ll change this month as the weather is about to turn – Finally!
Thanks as always for stopping by!
Happy Shopping, my friends!!!
Marie 🙂
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