Nautical Rope Knot Art

Hey there!
I thought I’d swing by this little blog of mine today to share this cute and easy rope art that I created a few months back. 
Family and the Lake House - Nautical Rope Knot Art
So here’s the story.  Remember when I shared with you our vacay to South Haven?  ….And remember when I told you via Instagram that we had visited a couple of model homes?
Well, while in one of the model homes, I came across an adorable little bathroom and it had some cute little nautical rope art.  I snapped a picture and thought to myself, “Hmmm…that would be pretty easy to create and I’m sure I could do it on the cheap.”
I kid you not, a day or two later (while still in South Haven), Jon and I were riding our bikes with the kiddos to the beach when I found these picture frames sitting on the curb!  
Hello, perfect nautical rope knot frames!  
They were definitely waiting for either the garbage truck to pick them up or some crazy DIY lady like me to take them home and put them to good use. 😉
Family and the Lake House - Nautical Knot Art
Yup, you guessed right, the crazy DIY lady (that’d be me) picked up the frames and brought them home.
A few days later I went to Hobby Lobby to pick up some paper and the pieces fit perfectly inside the frames!  
Bam!  Done.
The kiddos and I then ventured into Home Depot and bought approximately six feet of rope in hopes that I’d make two large nautical knots by tying two ropes together each.  I ended up using only one rope for each frame, and quite honestly, the less-is-more approach was looking way better.
Family and the Lake House - Nautical Knot Art
I taped off and burned the ends of the rope so that they wouldn’t fray.  Then I Googled, “how to tie nautical knots.”
Yeah…about that…never ask me to tie up your yacht!  Haha!
Family and the Lake House - Nautical Knot Art
I’m loving the way these frames turned out and you may have even noticed one of them a few months ago when I shared my chalk-paint-stenciled-chairs.
Family and the Lake House - Nautical Knot Art
Family and the Lake House - Nautical Rope Knot Art
Family and the Lake House - Nautical Rope Knot Art
Oh and just to keep it real, check out this adorable little photo bomber I was maneuvering around while attempting to take pictures for this blog post.  I’m sure Henry is somewhere in the reflection of one of the frames, too.  LOL!  
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Family and the Lake House - Nautical Rope Knot Art
Thanks so much for stopping by…oh and don’t mind the crumbs and the dust, just keepin’ it real over here!  😉
Marie 🙂
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  1. Ooooh, Marie, I love this!! And how perfect for a lake house?! I actually like yours better than the ones in the model home… the contrast of the blue paper and the rope looks much better on the ones that you did!

    Also, let's talk about how lucky you were to have found those frames just sitting on the curb!!!! Man, I never have that kind of luck!

    Great job, girl!!

  2. LOVE THESE! Saw these featured on "Just a Girl and her Blog". We have a lake house, and these would be perfect for it. Will definitely be trying this out.
    Ashley @ Vintage Refined

  3. I LOVE this! Pinning! I'm going to make this and link back to your blog. I'm decorating my baby's nursery nautical theme and this will be PERFECT! 🙂

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