Party Food – Unicorn Horn Chow

Well, HELLO, there!
It’s been a hot minute since I’ve shared some of my happy little creations on the blog.  I’ve been consumed with Eliza’s musical, a birthday party, piano lessons, spring break, packing, unpacking, soccer practices, grocery shopping and never-ending laundry.  Wowza!
Since we’re settled in, and before the craziness that is May begins, I figured I best get this booty in order and share all the fun!
Back when we hosted Jane’s Unicorn/4th Birthday Party, I served up a few little easy unicorn-themed treats, one being this Unicorn Horn Chow!
I made this a couple of days beforehand and stored it in an airtight container – and I just loved checking it off my to-do list!

For this fun treat, I used Bugles, which I hadn’t had in FOREVER (so yummy), powdered sugar, candy melts and lots of magical sprinkles, one being – you guessed it – unicorn themed!
The candies were melted in the microwave and the Bugles were then added…
Two bowls were set out, one for pink covered Bugles and one for blue.  I added the pink sprinkles first.
Next, I stirred in powdered sugar…
I then repeated the same process for the blue Bugles.
Next, I poured all the Bugles…ahem, I mean, unicorn horns, into my container and then added these Unicorn Sprinkles (<– I’ve linked these from Amazon)!
Then it was time to gobble up the Unicorn Horn Chow!
Yuuuuuuum!  I mean, soooo easy, right?!
The kids will love this!
Thanks so much for stopping by!  It truly means so much.
Marie 🙂
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