Seaside, Florida Days 9 and 10 Recap

Okay!  Sooooo, I’m back with my last installment of our Seaside, Florida recap and it feels good to have it all organized and posted!  I love using this space as a little diary of our lives and looking back at these kinds of posts gives me all the feels!
Our last vacation day had arrived and we had settled on how the day would go, between washing and drying laundry, to dinner, to time spent at the beach, we really wanted to utilize our last amazing day!
Jane started the day by climbing this tree.  Looking back, it was the perfect little tree for her to climb – exactly her height, fenced in and not too high.

I finally gave Jane her birthday gift after I had forgotten about it all week, this mermaid swimsuit!
Oh and look!  A sweet moment between our girls.  Love.
The kids knew the drill and were ready to go!
So much so that Eliza took it upon herself to pack up and carry the beach gear herself!
It was so pretty out!
Jane was living her best life in her new swimsuit…
Girlfriend worked on her letters again…
…as well as her interpretive dancing!  LOL!
Henry and I got to work building a sand castle, but we built walls and rivers and extended it out to see how it would hold up against the incoming waves!  This was really, REALLY fun for the both of us!
Once we set in on working on this, Henry didn’t stop…
I loved doing this with him.
I sat at some point I took this picture…from up high.  IYKYK.  I was proud that I wore this swimsuit, but it definitely took some guts for me!
Eliza was loving the water!  ABSOLUTELY loving it!
I finally got in with her and we jumped some waves!
Another picture from up high…  LOL!  I love this handsome fella so much!
Once we were done, Jane and Henry switched shoes…  Ha!
Eliza just wanted to go back to the ocean!
We headed back to the house, showered off, relaxed for a bit, changed over and sorted the laundry and then cleaned up and headed out for an early dinner!
We walked into town this time and it was extremely pleasant.  Here we are around the corner from our rental.
The kids in the gazebo…
Then Jane wanted a picture alone in the gazebo.  Haha!

We headed to Bud and Alley’s for dinner and sat outside – it was AAAAAAMAZING!
Jane has the new thing where she likes to pose as a statue.  So funny…even with pizza sauce all over her face!
The drinks were exactly what we needed!  We didn’t drink a lot on this vacation, so these drinks really hit the spot!
We walked around for a bit and took advantage of all the photo opps.
These pictures crack me up!!!!  We didn’t even tell them to do this, which is even funnier!
Soooooo funny!
Aaaaaand then Jane wanted another picture alone.
We went into Seaside Kids and they had THE most adorable…well, everything.  EVERYTHING was adorable!
We walked back to the house and finished up a few more things before leaving in the morning easier.
We then headed out for one last magical bike ride!
My kiddos – they’re so wonderful!
We passed by lots of people dressed like they were heading to a wedding and sure enough, we passed by the wedding as we biked.  Lots of people were outside watching the wedding take place inside the church on huge screens – we watched the vows.  LOL!  We even later saw a reception being set up at the private Watercolor Club – there were huge white balls set up in the pool and lots of servers with fancy drinks and hors d’ oeuvres!
This is located at the front of the church – look how beautiful!
We kept biking…
We ran into some friendly deer in Watercolor… they could’ve been animatronics.  This place was so perfect, we’ll never truly know.  😉
The girls found this landing and had at it with all sorts of rolls, cartwheels, somersaults and goofiness!
We biked into town, but not without seeing if a leaf would float down this water “attraction.”  Seriously, so pretty!
We made it into town.  I loved, loved this store – Seaside Yacht Club!
The kids were still having so much fun!
I had to make sure to get a picture of the kids in front of the Coleman Beach Pavilion!
I snapped this sweet picture, too.  We never went into the shop, but the picture turned out cute!
We grabbed ice cream and I got two different flavors of gelato!  I looooove gelato!
So much so that I took two pictures of my yummy dessert!
Oh and here are a bunch of pictures of more pretty beach houses…
This one was a small house, but a huge screened in porch, how smart!
We went back to the rental, got ready for bed, Jon and I packed the car and cleaned up the rental and then we set our alarms for 3:15 a.m.  We’d lose an hour driving back almost immediately.
On our way out of Seaside we saw SEVERAL and I mean looooots of other Michigan, Ohio and Indiana license plates doing the same thing as us, leaving in the early morning hours.  It was actually pretty funny!
That same day it was my 40th birthday…and I spent it driving in the car, my only request, Chick Fil A as a meal.  It took FORVER to finally reach a Chick Fil A that didn’t put us in the middle of crazy traffic.  Trying to find a Starbucks was the same way!!!  At one point, we took an entirely different route out of and around Nashville.  Never will we ever drive through there again…we’ll go around.  Anyhoo, we happened upon a Chick Fil A basically in the middle of nowhere and it was NUTS!  For real, it was crazy, but we finally got it.  We kept driving so that we didn’t have to spend the night anywhere, we just wanted to get back to Michigan.  Once back on our familiar route, we needed dinner and Jon took his wifey out for her 40th to the Golden Corral!  LOL!  I wan’t about to say no, but I also sanitized my hands at least 1,000 times!
After driving almost 14 hours, we were just ready to sit down and just be.  So that’s what we did.  That and we stuffed ourselves silly!
Henry and Eliza had been to Golden Corral before, but they couldn’t remember.  We explained how it worked and this was them before…
…and them after!  Bahahahahaha!  They LOOOOOOVED IT!!!!!
This reaction made for the most perfect 40th birthday dinner ever!
What a recap!  If you’re still here, you win.  I don’t know what you win, but you win!
Thanks so much for stopping by and for checking out all of these recaps!
Marie 🙂
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  1. I looooveeee that swimsuit on you! I'm so proud of you for wearing it! And isn't Seaside Kids the cutest shop ever?! I just wish everything in there didn't cost a billion dollars. Lol. Those Seaside sweatshirts are classic, and we own several, but gosh, why oh why are they so expensive?? Haha.

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