The Easiest Little Turkey Snack

Okay, who needs one more little turkey snack?!

This is so easy and fun – the kids will love it!  

You’ll need some disposable gloves, googly eyes – I love me some googly eyes, popcorn, colorful Goldfish crackers and some construction paper.


This is pretty self explanatory…

Fill up the fingers with the colorful cracker of your choice and then fill the rest with popcorn!

Add some hot glue to the googly eyes and then cut out some construction paper.  Don’t forget to tie the bag and then…


This was the quickest little snack project!  It’d be fun for the ride to the Grandparents’ house, a class party or while waiting to eat Thanksgiving dinner.
Thanks so much for stopping by!
Who’s getting excited!?  I can’t wait to stuff myself silly!
Marie 🙂

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