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Disney Must-Haves from Amazon

Today I’m coming to you with a list of 
Disney Must-Haves from Amazon!
On our most recent trip to the Happiest Place on Earth, we packed some Disney necessities, some Mouseketools, if you will. 😉  These said necessities included some items we’ve used on our past Disney vacations and a few items that we should have packed.

1. Mickey and Minnie Ears – First up are these Mickey and Minnie Ears!  I’ve always had these on hand for when we arrive at Disney and before it’s even an option to buy ears while in the parks.  These ears are light and easy to wear and if one becomes misplaced, then there are several more to choose from!  Also, I love using these in our shadow boxes from our Disney trips – they fit perfectly!

2.  Coin Purse Lanyard – Our kids love to collect Disney pressed coins and these are the perfect coin lanyards to do so.  Our ten year old son had no problem wearing his Mickey lanyard from four years ago.  I may force the kids to wear these lanyards for any and all future Disney trips forever and always.  Bahaha!  A bonus being the fact that masks were still required on all transportation so these lanyards ended up being used for masks, as well – there was no fumbling through bags as we jumped on the monorails or buses.

3.  Minnie Crossbody Bag – Okay, so we took an actual huge backpack – mostly because we carried multiple EpiPens for Jane………and we pack our lunches so that we can stuff ourselves at dinner……aaand Jane still isn’t potty trained so I needed an extra outfit, diapers and wipes to all fit into a bag…few!  Buuuuut, had we not taken all of that stuff, I toooootally would’ve carried a cute backpack like this one.  Loungefly is a huge backpack brand right now, but I love this cute Minnie one and the price can’t be beat.

4.  Sunblock – This is a given.  To each their own with SPF and the specific brand of sunblock, but either way, you’ll need it!

5.  Ponchos – We had exactly one pop up rain storm and it lasted for ten minutes.  Since we’ve arrived home after our trip, there’s been flash flooding and lots of rain at Disney.  I had these ponchos in my Amazon cart before we left for Disney but after checking the weather I had decided not to make the purchase.  

6.  Rose Gold Hat – Okay, so I don’t have this exact hat, I have a black and red one very similar to it.  I love this style of hat because it still allows an extra person like myself to stay protected from the sun all while keeping with the Mickey/Minnie themed happiness that is Disney!

7.  Phone Charging Power Bank – BUY THIS.  Believe me, just believe me!!!!!

8.  Minnie Child Hat – Both Henry and Eliza had hats like this four years ago and they were the cutest!  Again, they were protected from that harsh sun, but were still able to wear Mickey/Minnie ears all while protecting their little faces.  I decided to get Jane a hat too and I’m so happy I did, she was so dang adorable!

9.  Hamper – I don’t know where I heard about taking a pop up hamper on vacation, but it was one of the best things EVER!!!  This brand of Hamper never toppled over and Jon carried it across our resort in order to get some laundry done.  Seriously – best.tip.ever!

10.  Mickey Band-Aids – If you have kids, then you know.  If you have my kids, then one of them will fall so badly that you’ll have to go to an Urgent Care somewhere in Orlando.  True story.  Anyway…buy the Band-Aids.  LOL!

11.  Magic Band Protector – After reading about these somewhere online, I decided to make the purchase.  Nothing is scarier than losing a magic band!  Eliza lost one years ago and it was somehow magically returned to us, but still, it’s the last thing you want to worry about.  In fact, we all wore these and they worked like a charm. 

12.  Neck Fans – Here’s another item I had in my cart but never purchased.  These would’ve been nice.  There were moments we were soooo hot and even having just one to share would’ve made all the difference.  

13.  Dramamine – Henry and Eliza have somehow developed the ability to get motion sickness…like, all the time.  I carried this with us just in case, but we only needed it mostly for car rides.  I wasn’t willing to risk it, so I took some anyway.

14.  Dum Dums Lollipops – Okay, so I used to pack Smarties for the kids but they’ve apparently since leveled up, so this year I decided that Dum Dums would be fun and easy to pack.  The kids ate a couple per day and these allowed for the kids to wait in lines without ever complaining.  I’ll pack these again in the future.

15.  HipPack – Fanny pack/Hip Pack – whatever you call it – get one!  I used mine for the suckers, chapstick, hand sanitizer, my mask and a way to hold the kids’ baseball caps while on fast rides.  I’d just “clip” them around the strap and carry on.  Totally worth it!

16.  ZipLock Bags – Gallon Size – If you watched my IG stories then you saw how I used these.  I use gallon sized ZipLock Bags on all long vacations.  It makes packing and unpacking a breeze.  The kids know exactly what they’re wearing every single day and we’d reuse the bags for lunches or for messy situations!

17.  Boy – Mickey Hat – It was really difficult to find and buy a Mickey hat for a ten year old boy who also has the same sized head as his thirty-eight year old mother, but I somehow stumbled upon this hat for Henry.  It wasn’t too “young” for him, but also not too “adult.”  He proudly wore it on our entire Disney trip! 

BONUS TIP – The Baby Care Centers basically have anything you may need.  I forgot to put on deodorant one morning before our visit to Magic Kingdom.  I quickly Googled if there was a place to make a deodorant purchase while in the park and wouldn’t you know it, the Baby Care Center had some for sale.  The day was saved and we ate at Cinderella’s Royal Table without a stinky Marie! 😉

Lastly, gum.  Take gum.  Thank me later.  😉

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I’ll be posting our Disney recaps all next week and I’d love to have you scroll through!

Marie 🙂

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  1. Ooooh those Magic Band protectors are GENIUS!! I just bought a pack! And I couldn't agree more about everything else on the list. So funny that you mentioned Dum Dums, because we brought those along on our first trip and they were so great to have on hand! I already bought a big bag for our upcoming trip!

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