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Life Lately – Our Northern Michigan Ski Trip – 2022

A couple of weekends ago we went on a ski trip up to Boyne Highlands in northern Michigan.  We went on our first trip to Boyne last year around the same time and the kids had taken their first ski lessons.  They did fantastic and we knew we’d want to come back again this year for a second year of lessons and in hopes that we’d be able to get Jane out on the slopes, as well.
We headed up north on a Thursday after the kids had a half day of school only to be met by snowy roads as we approached our final hour.  It never fails up there.
After a quick stop at Qdoba for dinner and another hour of cautious driving, we had finally arrived.  Our lessons were to begin bright and early the next morning and we were to arrive 15 minutes early, meaning that we would all have to have our ski boots on, our skis ready to go, dressed in all of our snow gear and outside by 8:45.  Based off of our trip from last year we remembered how long it can take to make all of this happen so we opted to rent our gear the night before and boy, that worked out beautifully!
Henry and Eliza knew the drill.  The fitting of the boots for Jane was kind of the hit or miss of probably the entire weekend.  If she didn’t like the feel of the boots from first go then I knew she wasn’t even going to give skiing a chance.  Luckily, she sat and was fitted like a boss.  So much so that she thought we were going skiing then and there and was upset when we took the boots off.
Her little skis were ridiculously adorable and Henry and Eliza made it that much more exciting for her.
After a great night’s sleep in our cozy room we were all able to get out the door.  It was bitter cold outside, I’m talking -12 degree windchill.  We had on layers upon layers of clothes and the hat/ski masks that I purchased from Amazon were absolutely worth every single penny.  Jon had also purchased ski socks from Amazon… I had no idea ski socks were a thing, but upon further research I had discovered that cotton socks have no wicking properties – this was all new information to me – all these years of wearing cotton socks to play out in the snow!  I was honestly super surprised that most of our toes stayed nice and warm.  Henry was the only one complaining about his feet, but next time I’ll have him use toe warmers, along with his ski socks.
Anyhoo, I digress…
Jane watching as the chair lift tickets appeared.  Oh the magic!
Here’s Jane all ready to go!
The kids headed off to lessons.  Last year we signed them up for group lessons, but they were the only ones in their group.  So ultimately they received two hours of lessons as basically a private lesson.  Jon and I enjoyed that one-on-one attention, so this year we signed them up for private lessons.  However, the private lessons only last an hour, so as they were away we knew it was our opportunity to get Jane out on the bunny hill.
Girlfriend was so excited!
I was so worried about her little checks, lips and nose the entire time.  It was just freeeeezing.  I heard several employees talk about how cold it was and if they were complaining, I knew it was colder than cold!
Jane happily clicked into her skis and we were ready to go!
Jon and I took her up her bunny hill lift.
We didn’t wear our skis so that we could help her out.  We later got in trouble for not having them on.  Oops.
Some little frozen boogies…poor thing just wouldn’t wear her ski mask.
I somehow managed to get her off the “lift” without falling.  I have a history of not being the most graceful when it comes to exiting any of the belts/lifts.
Jane was slowly shuffling and she eventually just went for it and started skiing.  We were so proud!  Who knows if we were helping/teaching her correctly or not…  we’ve already decided that she’ll be going in lessons next year for sure.  
At one point Jane had a full on tantrum…in the snow and in all of her snow gear.  She was thrashing, rolling, screaming, tears and boogies everywhere.  She had had enough.  I only mention it because I didn’t take a picture due to it being so epic (and bitter cold for my hands to even grab my phone) and almost ridiculously hilarious that Jon and I just stood there and let her have her moment.  I’m sure other guests didn’t appreciate it, BUT, I think she needed the moment…to let it all out.  She was doing big things and those big things seemed to have come with a lot of emotion.  Within moments she was much happier.  It was definitely something we never want to forget.
Jon took Jane inside for a rest and Henry and Eliza had finished their lesson for the day.
The took me up “Camelot” a few times.  It was nice to spend some quality time with them.  Although, I’m mostly terrified the entire time I’m riding a lift or skiing down a hill…so I wouldn’t call it “relaxed quality time” by any means.  I’m so slow and cautious…and scared.  Skiing is not my thing, but I go to be that mom who says I went.
I reminded the kids over and over that I wasn’t there to win any medals or to get any better or to go faster.  LOL!
Jon and I had purchased lunch food for our trip, but as we quickly learned, it was just easier to keep all of our gear on and eat in the dining area.
The kids told us to take a picture like this.  Hahaha!
Jane’s little face in the corner cracks me up!
After a little bit more skiing we headed to one of the three pools.  We originally didn’t think our building had a pool, but we were surprised to learn that it did!  Nothing like skiing in negative degree temps and then heading to a heated indoor/outdoor pool.
This was so cool!  Jon said that my little hairs on my head had icicles on them!
After swimming we went back to the room and the kids blow dried their hair to ensure their heads would stay warm because we were about to head over to the main lobby for the daily free hot cocoa and cookies at 4:00!  The walk was so short, but it was soooo cold outside that we still donned our snow pants, boots and coats.
Jane was thrilled and she did her funny eye thing that she does.  So silly!
This hot cocoa was perfect!

Our little loves.
I almost declined this photo after somebody had asked if we wanted our picture taken, but oh my gosh, I’m so happy I said yes!
Everyone was happy and we were warm…and relaxed.  Love it so much!

We headed over to grab pizza for dinner.  The pizza location was so funny because it’s in a beautiful conference room/small ballroom.  There were tables and chairs everywhere but nobody was sitting in this space.  I’m guessing everyone just takes food to their rooms?  We had space to do the same, but I loved the idea of having more than enough space and the place to ourselves.  It was perfect.  Eliza insisted that she sit in this chair and called herself, the President.  
I’m not sure what’s happening in this picture, but after dinner Jane and I went back to the room while Jon and the old two went out for some night skiing.  Jane and I stayed back to keep her on her bedtime routine.
The next day was about the same – lessons for Henry and Eliza and some more of the bunny hill for Jane.  She was quite tired the next day so she didn’t do as much skiing.
Jon and I took turns all morning with the kids.  We ate lunch and then Jon headed off with the big kids and I stayed back in the dining area with Jane for an hour and a half.  I knew that if we went back to the room then we’d both be done skiing for the week/weekend.  I people watched, turned cartoons on my phone and Jane at snacks as we waited.
Once Jon was back, he took Jane down some hills before letting her be done for the day.  He then took her back to the room to sit and relax and then this happened…
This girl naps, buy NEVER like this.  She’s doesn’t even sleep on car rides…never has, so this was telling of how exhausted she was…
I went off with the kids and they took me down some hills that I hadn’t been on and a lift that was really long.  Henry spoke of how relaxing and beautiful it was.
Earlier in the weekend we rode a lift with another dad and he told us that on one side of the mountain the Mackinaw Bridge can be seen (this bridge is what connects Michigan’s peninsulas together).  He told a story of when he was a little boy his dad told him to look for the bridge as he was approaching the top of the hill but then missed his exit and had to ride down half way before somehow “jumping off.”  Anyhow, as we got off the lift I realized where we were and remembered his story and wouldn’t you know it – we could see the bridge on that clear and beautiful morning!
(On one of the other hills we could see Lake Michigan – such a cool vantage point!)
Also, this is the hill that I fell on.  It was such a pretty hill.  Lots of condos and houses to look at on the way down.  Some people were having a fire as skiers skied by.  I must’ve been distracted when I looked down and noticed my skis cross in front of each other and then I proceeded to fall in slow motion.  LOL!  Henry and Eliza were so sweet in trying to help me back up, which was comical, by the way.  

After the same routine of pool, hot cocoa and cookies and pizza, the kids and Jon went out for more night skiing!
Jon took some great pictures and videos!  They took him down a hill that he hadn’t been down.  At this point they were pretty darn confident.  Basically their instructor the day before said they were going down a blue square and she said, and I quote, “Follow me!”  Eliza said it didn’t give them enough time to be scared, so they just went for it!  WHAT!?
Jon mentioned the hill being questionable for even himself, but the kids were all about it…
So cute!

Then Jon had Henry take a picture of this Arnold pose!  LOL!!!!  Nothing says skiing like Arnold poses!  Bahahaha!
Lastly, and completely out of order, Henry flexing like his Dad in the pool…
Love those guys! 
We had the best time…tantrums and all!  Everyone is excited to go again next year…and well, I’ll tolerate it!  ;). 
Thanks for following along!
Marie 🙂

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  1. B and I used to go skiing every year before we had kids and it always amazed me seeing families with small kids skiing together. I was always TERRIBLE at skiing so tiny kids would be whizzing by me and I was always like HOW ARE YOU SO GOOD AT THIS?! Hahahaha. But seriously, hats off to you and Jon for getting your babies out there. That's so awesome for them!!

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