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Gift Guide for Tween Boy Ages 8-12

Hey there, friends!
How’s your Christmas shopping going?  I’m about 60% done over here.  I’ve been working on some gift guides and I’m sharing a Tween Boy Gift Guide with you today.  This guide is a combination of what we’ve gifted in the past and a few items that a certain tween boy will be receiving this year.
Our little guy, who’s 11, wrote out a letter to Santa again this year, which made things a little easier, but also pulled on my heartstrings… Fingers crossed he writes a letter to Santa well into his thirties…  😉
Anyhow, before I start to cry, here’s what you came here for today – A Tween Boy Gift Guide!

Scooter  //  Catan  //   Harry Potter  //   Star Wars LEGO Set  //  Plasma Ball  //  Laser Tag Guns  //

Spy Pen  //  Pokemon Cards  //  BEYBLADE  // Soccer Nets  //  Segway  //  Headphones  //

GameStop Gift Card  //  Oculus  //  Favorite Jersey  //  Risk

I hope this helps you as much as it’s helped me!

Thank you so much for stopping by.  Every view and comment means so much to me!

Marie 🙂

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