Seaside, Florida Days 5 and 6 Recap – Hello Monday

Hello Friends and Hello Monday!

I’m back today with another installment of our spring break recap from our visit to 30A!  These next couple of days were spent moving and exploring more of the area!  It’s nice to sit and relax once in a while, but we do enjoy being on the move, everyone seems happier while out exploring, too!

We started day 3 with sun shirts for Jon and myself because our Michigan skin took on some sun the day before even though we weren’t out long and the day was mostly overcast.

We headed down to the beach and at one point I looked over and Jane had taken it upon herself to write her name!  Awesome!

She made “cookies” using ocean things…

I looked for shells…

We had some happy babies!
The kids got busy building sand-everything…
Jane was looking cute!
I built an ocean front replica of our house back in Michigan!  LOL!
Jon attempted to relax while not on the move…
…but then he got up and did a beach workout…
Now this part of the vacation I did sit and watch… 😉
Once back to the house we put on some running clothes and I headed out with Henry and Eliza for a jog…
We came back to the house, showered, changed our clothes and then biked over to see The Truman Show house.  We had actually been passing it without even knowing it!
There would be people hanging out in front of the house from time to time.  It’s not really labeled at The Truman House other than the address number is the same from the movie.  Gosh, I love that movie!  So good!
“Oh and in case I don’t see you, good afternoon, good evening and good night!”
Actually, there were many places we visited that we didn’t know were in the movie until later…the town WAS the movie set and I totally see why – it’s like Disney World, but in real life!
We went into downtown and grabbed some coffees and window shopped…
After walked around for a bit, we decided to drive over to Panama City – oh and look at the sand in our car!  It was a sign of a good time…until we had to stop at some point in the week to vacuum it all up…this car was still new, dang it!  LOL!
The kids were being all sorts of goofy!
I told Jon we should buy this for our 4th party this year…LOL!  Nothing like a good ole beer bong to bring back the college days…  We left without it…because we’re 40.  LOL!
Once home, we had dinner and watched, you guessed it, The Truman Show!  The kids loved it and Jane sat through the entire thing!
The next morning we gathered up the beach supplies and headed to the beach!
Such an easy walk!
We were usually pretty early getting down to the beach…maybe around 9:30 or 10 on this day!  We loved having it to ourselves!
Here’s Jon enjoying a little more relaxation time…
Jane took this picture of me!  Love it!
I returned the favor…
Jane took a picture with Jon after adding all of this junk around his head…
Eliza didn’t have a shark eat her leg on this day….  so that’s good.  Bahahaha!
Eliza taking pictures of us…
Uh huh…silly girl… this is a common thing now for the kids to take up close selfies of themselves when taking pictures of other people… Sooo funny!
Us not even looking…
Got it!
There was rain coming so we headed back to the house.  Eliza and I took a quick pic on the porch swing…
We came back to the house just in time for a storm to arrive and to be honest, I was really excited.  It wasn’t anything too scary, but just a good ole thunderstorm.  There was rumbling in the distance, so I waited out on the porch, but once it started to lightning, I headed inside.  Everyone was nice and cozy inside the house, too.  Once the lightning had stopped, I went and made some coffee, since we weren’t heading out for any at that point, grabbed a warm towel from the dryer (there weren’t many afghans) and headed back to the porch with a warm coffee and warm towel around my legs…it was one of my favorite parts of the trip!  Soooo soothing!  I love rain on vacations, there’s always new, happy moments to be found and this moment did not disappoint!
Jane came outside with her raincoat and rain boots and played in the rain and a bucket of rain water for at least 45 minutes.  It was amazing and she was in her own little world and I was sure not to say a thing as not to interrupt her.  It was magic.
My little porch buddies…
Once the rain stopped I talked the kids into going on another run and Jon and Jane biked behind us…
We decide the day was still young, so we ate a quick lunch and then headed out on another bike ride…
…this bike ride was different.  I told the kids to get us lost…they were thrilled at that idea and oh, they did, but in the best kind of way!  We rode our bikes for almost an hour and a half and they took us aaaaaaall over the place….and I mean all over…we rode and rode and rode and they led the entire way and had to find their way back to the rental.  Eliza was very much in tune on where to go, Henry not so much, but it made for a great adventure and they eventually figured it out together.  They absolutely loved doing this and it’s something I’ll incorporate into other vacations!
They managed to take us down lots of dirt roads after it had rained…
These kids absolutely loved “getting us lost!”
We all headed inside, relaxed for a bit, then changed once again and headed to The Big Chill!
Jane reaaaally wanted a picture here…
We had arrived and the place was packed, so I was in charge to find a place to sit while Jon took the kids to get food!  I couldn’t find seats and then finally found a few right up front, so I took them and waited for Jon and the kids to come with food.  I kept the seats “reserved” with my body, my purse and Jane’s EpiPen.  Haha!  I then stalked like a crazy lady for people to leave around the same spot.  I went to grab food and then once back Jon went to grab food and with my super stalking skills I was able to secure enough seats up front for all of us! LOL!!!
The live music was super great!
I promise Eliza was happy, she just really wanted ice cream… which she eventually received.  Haha!
Big hugs!
Time to go!
Once back to Seaside, we decide to go look for crabs.  No crabs for us, but the kids and I were joking that we kept seeing them and the kids wrote the word, “crab,” in the sand and said, “Look!  A crab!”
So funny!
After Googling afterwords I realized that crabs come out more at dusk and at sunrise, but it was still a blast to walk out on the beach at night!  It was a great for the memory bank!
“Crab” in the sand!
….and because I love the the scenery so much, here are a few pretty spots along our journeys…
Okay, welp, if you’re still here, thanks so much!
Have a beautiful day and happy Monday!
Marie 🙂
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  1. That looks like such a wonderful trip. We LOVE the Truman Show; how fun to get to explore the town where it was filmed. I love that idea of getting lost– and really exploring the area on bike.

  2. I love that y'all visited The Truman Show house! We've go to Seaside all the time and we've never actually gone looking for it! Haha. I guess I need to add that to my list of things to do when we go in June! We also need to show the kiddos the movie!

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