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Hello Monday – Halloween Edition ;)

It’s Monday again and boy-oh-boy, I’ve got a Hello Monday chock-full of lots of Halloween happiness!
I’ll warn you though – this post includes a million pictures of my kids, so prepare yourselves. 😉
Two Fridays ago we visited our local haunted trail.  The city puts it on and this year was the best yet!  We attended the less spooky version which basically meant that nobody was going to jump out at us and scare us out of our pants.  Jon was so impressed by the trail that he ended up going to the spooky trail later that night and he said he ended up running and screaming at one point.  Mind you, he was all by himself which makes all of this so much funnier.  LOL!  I can only imagine what that looked like!

The following Saturday and Sunday we attended Henry’s soccer game and our lovely neighbors came to watch along with us.  It was a nice big cheering section!
We spent the rest of the weekend snuggling, relaxing and baking up goodies and making fun Halloween treats.
Mondays are our piano nights.  The kids’ piano teacher has six kids so while Henry and Eliza are off getting lessons in the their kitchen I’m usually sitting with Jane and a bunch of other sweet kiddos.  This time around I brought stamps and Halloween rings and some of the kiddos made sure to decorate me with most of them!  Haha!
Tuesdays mean library storytime and we were able to dress up for a special Halloween celebration!
Prepare yourself for several pictures of Jane… 😉
On Wednesdays we go grocery shopping and it just wouldn’t be a grocery shopping trip without a ride on Sandy.  I swear, the pandemic has taught me just how much I missed grocery shopping and this dang horse!  Bahaha!

I brought home face jewels for Eliza.  She had been talking about them non-stop so I finally gave in!
Love her.
Thursdays consist of playgroup and this past Thursday was the first time we were able to show up early enough to actually play and not just to participate in the snack portion of playgroup.  Jane had so much fun and being around other kids has been crucial for her.  This poor little toddler has missed out on so much, but I’m trying to be proactive about all of this!
She’s such a good little play-grouper.  😉

On Friday the two older kids had their Halloween parties.  Henry was thrilled!  I walked over to the mudroom area and found all of his Halloween items perfectly lined up.  

I was incredibly sad that I didn’t get to attend Henry’s last Halloween party as an elementary student.  I snapped this of him as he left (he rides to school with the neighbors).  Hands full, heart full.  He’s such a great kid.
Our neighbor boy came over fully dressed in his costume (I take him to school later in the morning) – he cracks me up!  A witch also joined me on the porch as I waved goodbye to Henry!
Jon, Jane and I drove over to Eliza’s school a little while after dropping her off and waited for her school’s Halloween costume parade to begin.
This was another event that was so good for Jane.

There she was!  That’s one adorable little witch!
Excitement ensued!
We get Halloween pictures taken every year at a photography studio so right after school we headed straight to the studio.  It was so much easier getting around knowing the kids already had their costumes on from their class parties.  
We decided to go out to eat with our spooky little gang.
Things got a little crazy with the littlest one, but, once again, I try to remember that so much is still so new to her.  Plus she’s adorable so I can’t get too upset.  LOL!

On Saturday we relaxed for a bit before heading to soccer.  We turned on Curious George and it gets Henry every time…even at 10 years old.  Oh my heart…

Our last soccer game of the season!
Henry’s biggest fans………
He had a great season and for it being his first year he did fantastic!  He scored one goal (which we somehow missed) and had many assists!  So very proud of him.
Next up – The Michigan / Michigan State football game.  It didn’t end in our favor.  I’m still sour about it.
Pumpking carving after nap time.  Don’t mind the Miller Lite thingy behind Eliza.  Hahaha!  I won it and it’s obviously meant for Pinterest.  Hahaha!
Our local Halloween parade was back in full effect and it did not disappoint!  I don’t think we had attended one since 2018!  This made my heart super happy.
Sunday – last night – Halloween 2021!!!
A wizard, a witch and a pink butterfly…
Jane wanted Jon to be a bee and me to be a spider – not our best work, but we had a great time!
It started to downpour immediately at 5:30.  We couldn’t believe it!  I swear it’s not a Michigan Halloween without snow, sleet or rain!  I shouldn’t even be surprised at this point.  Oy.
Eliza drove the Frozen Jeep to keep up with the big kids!  I won’t mention her epic meltdown before this…her driving skills made it all better though!  I think I laughed for 45 minutes straight.
My terrible “spider.”  LOL!!!  Someone mentioned throwing darts at me.  Bahahahaha!  You win some, you lose some!  
Oh the excitement!
What a great night!
…and what an eventful week!
Now we Christmas.  😉 Hahaha!
Thanks again for stopping by.  It means so much!
Marie 🙂
I’m also joining in on the Monday fun and linking up with My Glittery Heart.

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  1. I love all of your costumes! And that costume parade was just fantastic. I love that idea! One question – what did you use to hang your bats this year? I used the sticky pieces that came with them and they left marks all over our walls. Waaaahhhh. We've hung bats for several years now and that hasn't ever happened so I don't know what went wrong. If you have something better to use let me know!

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